Tractors Industry in Pakistan – Scope, Volume and Future Aspects


Scope of Tractors Industry in Pakistan

Lot of area in Pakistan is lying uncultivated which is boosting the tractors industry in Pakistan. Population is growing day by day hence increasing the more need of food, clothes and sheltering. Agriculture sector is the backbone of Pakistan creating opportunities for a prosperous country. Decrease in average yields creating problem at the other end. Lack of mechanization techniques in agriculture especially machinery is pushing us backward in high production per acre. Use of agricultural machinery like modern tractors will increase the efficiency and harvesting processes fast.

Tractors Industry in Pakistan

From the last year 2016 and now in 2017 tractors sales has boosted the industry. Due to good financial health of farmers through cotton and sugarcane crop tractors are being purchased by most of the farmers.

Population/Volume of Tractors Industry:

Annual tractor sales in Pakistan remained 65,000 to 75,000 units in year 2017 & 2018. Growth of 100% volume created the need of tractors through modern agricultural practices. Among all provinces KPK, Punjab, Sindh and Balochistan Punjab has the higher number of tractor which is almost above 75%. Tractors Industry in Pakistan has a lot of scope in Pakistan, farmers are getting awareness through the masses.

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Last couple of years has major growth in tractors industry sales in result of more cultivation requirements. There is a lot of gap yet in areas where people/farmers are conservative and using old farming techniques. Government of Pakistan keeps providing subsidy schemes like Green Tractors Scheme in Punjab, Sindh tractor Scheme. Other than agriculture sector, institutes like Agriculture Department, NHA, PHA, Municipal Committees, Sugar Mills, Construction Companies converting to mechanization thus creating the more demand for tractor.

As per FAO Horse Power for per hectare must be 1.4, but in Pakistan it is 1HP/Hectare. This tells us that there is much requirement of horse power which will be filled through higher HP tractors or more tractors in volume, creating lot of scope for tractor industry.

Tractors Companies in Pakistan:

Major well known tractors brands available in Pakistan are

  • New Holland by Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd.
  • Massey Ferguson by Millat Tractos Ltd.
  • Bull Power (previously IMT) Tractors
  • Belarus Tractors
  • Ursus by Farm All technology PVT Ltd. (Discontinued)
  • Euro Ford Tractors
  • John Deere (old Users)

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Other than these some big farms are using CASE Tractors, Claas Tractors, and some chines made Dewan Foton, Rahi etc. New Holland NH tractors are being locally manufactured by Al Ghazi Tractors along with MF are made by Millat Company. NH and MF are the 90% share holders of total tractor market and IMT & Belarus are at 3rd position. AGTL and MTL are selling through their strong dealership networks in Pakistan. handsome number of tractors is also exported to Afghanistan and African countries.

Segments of Local Market:

All tractors companies in Pakistan are focusing following segments to produce sales,

  • Cash
  • Zarai Taraqiati Bank Ltd. ZTBL
  • Commercial banks
  • Intitutions

Millat Tractors Ltd – Producers of Massey Ferguson:

Millat Company is manufacturing MF tractors locally in Pakistan, Plant is located at Lahore. Models of MF tractors with Horse Power are given below. MF tractors are mostly used in haulage sector specially in sugarcane areas.

ModelHorse Power
MF385 (4WD)85

Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd. – Producers of New Holland Tractors:

ModelHorse Power
NH 480 SP55
NH 480 SP Power Steering55
NH Ghazi65
NH Ghazi Disc Brake65
NH 64075
NH 640 Disc brake75
NH 640S85
NH 640S Disc Brake85
NH Dabung85
NH 70-56 (4WD)85
NH 55-5655

IMT Tractors Models:

ModelHorse Power
IMT 54955
IMT 56565
IMT 57775

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Specifications of Tractors are shared on other page on our website you can visit here. In Pakistan if one tractor is required for 50 acres then we need about 1 Million more tractors. International standards are 1 tractors for only 25 acres or less than this which creates bright future of Tractors industry in Pakistan for 3 Million tractors yet.


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