Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd is manufacturing New Holland tractors in Pakistan. Among all NH Ghazi Tractor is most selling 65HP model in Pakistan. Ghazi tractor is hot cake brand of AGTL, competing MF 260 of Millat Tractors Ltd. Today I am sharing its price, specification and review of new model 2021.

NH Ghazi Tractor 65HP Price, Specifications Review

NH Ghazi Tractor Price 2021:


Price in PKR

NH Ghazi

Rs. 1,082,550

NH ghazi with Disc Brakes

Rs. 1,092,000

Note: (This is ex-factory invoice rate). Price revised on 28th July 2020.

Prominent Improved Features of NH Ghazi Tractor:

  • SG Iron rear axle tubes
  • Addition of spacer between gear box and axle case
  • Strong rear hydraulic links
  • Thermo starter (Heat plug)
  • Halogen tube headlights
  • Front and rear indicators
  • General company tyres

You can buy Ghazi Tractor from market, rate of market can be more less than invoice price. If you want to book your tractor from the company, go to AL Ghazi Tractor dealer. Dealer will deposit the full amount in company’s bank account. After submitting the payment you will get a sales order number provided by the company. Tractor will be delivered after 10 to 15 days of booking depending on the market demand.

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NH Ghazi Tractor 65HP Technical Specifications:


At flywheel   65HP



New Holland 8035.05

4-Stroke, direct injection diesel engine

Number of cylinder:       3

Bore and stroke:              104 x 115 mm

Piston Displacement:     2,931 cc

Compression ratio:          17:1

Max. Torque at 1,500 rpm: 23.9 Kgm

Dry-type cylinder liners. Water cooling system. Five-row brass tube and copper fin radiator

Forced-feed lubrication system.

Vertical exhaust muffler

Distributor type fuel injection pump with mechanical speed governor.


Air: Oil-bath with pre-cleaner

Fuel: 2 replaceable cartridges;

Oil Filter: Easy-to-change, continuous flow cartridge.


Front (8 positions):

1.320 – 1,420 – 1,520 – 1,620

1,720 – 1,820 – 1,920 – 2,020 mm. Rear (8 positions):

1,200 – 1,300 – 1,400 – 1,500

1,600 – 1,700 – 1,800 – 1,900 mm.


Hydro assisted power steering with independent circuit. Turning radius:

-with brakes: 3,400 mm

-without brakes: 3,900 mm


Deluxe seat with spring suspension, adjustable to driver’s weight


6 spline shaft – 35 mm dia /

Fully independent: 540 rpm at 2,160 engine rpm High-speed DTO(*) 35 mm dia / 1-*/

same speed as engine.

(*) for application of high speed implements


With draft and position control, Draft control through top link, Gear type hydraulic pump driven from engine

crank shaft.

Pump capacity: 22.7 1/min

Relief valve opening pressure:   150-170 kg/cm2

3-point linkage Cat I – II

Manual response control.

Lower links with inter changeable balls & sway restrictors Control Lever with safety stop.

Max. Lifting capacity: 1,650 kg


Dual plate, dry-type with separate controls (pedal for transmission and hand lever for PTO),

Diameter of plates:         11 inch

Plates facing of asbestos compound.


Gearbox with constant-mesh gears:

8 forward and 2 reverse speeds

Synchromesh on 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th speeds Differential with pedal actuated lock and automatic disconnection.

Single-reduction spur gear final drives.

Gear Box mounted starter safety switch.


Front: 6.00-16

Rear : 14.9/13-28


Telescopic type, inverted U, variable tread


Hood has side-hinged cover for engine inspection. Front grill is easily removable for quick access to air cleaner and battery


With 3-position halogen headlamps Blue high beam warning light on dashboard. Low oil pressure warning light. Direction Indicators, Parking & Hazard lights.


12 volt starting system, 4 HP (3kw) starter motor, 400 watt alternator, 100 ah battery, starting aid.


Fuel tank: 54 Itr

Engine oil: 08 Itr

Hydraulic Transmission: 18 Itr

Rear Axle: 2+2 Itr at both sides

Air Cleaner: 01 Itr

Power Steering:  1.5 Itr


Service dry band-type with mechanical control Parking: with hand lever.


Canopy, Towing hook, Swinging Draw bar, Front weight, High Clearance Kit, Low Clearance Kit, DTO pump applications and Creeper gear etc.

Al-Ghazi Tractors Ltd reserves the rights to change specifications without prior notice.


(With 6.00-16 and 14.9/13-28 tyres)

A: Wheelbase: 1,953 mm

B: Overall length: 3,046 mm

C: Height to top of hood: 1,390 mm

D: Height to steering wheel: 1,490 mm

E: Front track (8 positions): from 1,320 to 2,020 mm

F: Rear track (8 positions): from 1,200 to 1,900 mm G: Ground clearance under front axle: 480 mm


Flat top

NH Ghazi Tractor Review:

Since year 2017 AGTL has improved quality of all their tractor models. SG iron axle tube has made a significant role in this regard. NH Ghazi has also SG iron axle tubes and now it can be used for trolley. When it comes to buy 60 to 65 HP tractor mostly customers choose ghazi tractor. Ghazi tractor sale is little more than MF 260 tractor, which is 60HP. Ghazi is more fuel economical and works even long time in high temperature. Ghazi tractor is mostly used for wheat thresher, ploughing, Rotavator and other medium horse power agri implements. If we compare ghazi with MF 260, ghazi has little more marks.

Check here to check technical specs of MF 260 tractor.

Download technical brochure of NH Ghazi Tractor:

NH Ghazi Tractor 65HP Specifications 2018

NH Ghazi Tractor Video:


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  • Muhammad Hassan

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    From which month of 2017,SG Iron Excel tubes are being used in ghazi tractor.Please tell me. I want to buy 2017 model with SG tubes.How can i know tractor has SG tubes.

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    This only choice Al ghazi

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