ATS tractor price in pakistan

ATS tractor is now being manufactured in Pakistan as ATS tractor price is now available. ATS is an England brand they are already working in Pakistan in the tractor spare parts business. Currently, ATS has launched only a single model tractor with 4 type of variants in it.

ATS tractor price in pakistan

ATS Tractor Price in Pakistan 2024

  • ATS tractor price in Pakistan ranges from PKR 2,889,000 to PKR 4,195,000 based on its tractor model variants.

ATS Tractor Variant Model

Horse Power

Price List

ATS-290 Manual 82 PKR 2,889,000
ATS-290 – Hydro-Assisted Power Steering 82 PKR 2,989,000
ATS-290 – Hydro Static Power Steering 82 PKR 3,148,000
ATS-290 Special 4-Wheel Drive 82 PKR 4,195,000

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ATS Tractor 290 Model Specifications:

Model 290 is an 82-horse power tractor having different variants. Variants of ATS 290 are following.

  • ATS-290 Manual

This model is with manual steering and basic model of ATS. Competitors of this model in Pakistan are New Holland 640 and Massfer Ferguson MF 375 tractors. This model has a hydraulic lifting capacity of 2,150 KG.

  • ATS-290 – Hydro-Assisted Power Steering

This model is equipped with hydro-assisted power steering same as installed New Holland Ghazi and NH 640 tractors.

  • ATS-290 – Hydro Static Power Steering

This variant of ATS tractor has power steering of hydro static technology. This type of steerings are installed in NH Dabung and MF 385 Tractors.

  • ATS-290 Special 4-Wheel Drive

This four-wheel drive variant having the power of 82 HP. NH 70-56 and MF 385 4WD tractor are its competitors.


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