Millat Tractors Prices List 2018-19 Massey Ferguson Pakistan

Millat Tractors Ltd Tractor Prices 2018 has been revised. All models Millat Tractors Prices list updated on this page. Millat Tractor is gaining market share of 60% in Pakistan’s tractor industry. Due to increase in its tractor demand, tractor is being delivered after 6 months period (MF 385 Tractor). MTL company revised its tractor prices on 22nd November 2017 by issuing a letter to its all main dealers.

The current base prices of tractors were last fixed in May, 2018. Since then, there has been a considerable increase in the cost of tractor production on account of increase in taxes and prices of material, fuel, labour and other input costs.

Millat Tractors Price

Millat Tractors Prices List 2018-19:



Price List


mf 240 tractor price


Rs. 808,500

MF-350 Plus

mf 360 turbo tractor price


Rs. 827,925

MF-260 (Turbo)

mf 260 tractor price


Rs. 915,600


mf 350 plus tractor price


Rs. 929,775


mf 375 tractor price


Rs. 1,174,950


mf 385 tractor price


Rs. 1,260,000

MF-385 4wd

mf 385 4wd tractor price


Rs. 1,749,930

MF 455

mf 455 tractor price


Rs. 5,544,000

MF 470

mf 470 tractor price


Rs. 7,254,702

Note: Prices updated on 27 October 2018

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The above prices are applicable on all new bookings made against both Cash & Loan. However, in case of Institutional orders / Govt. tenders, the prices shall be applicable as per the terms of quotations already issued or terms of the tender. MF tractor is famous in sugarcane areas where tractors is used for haulage purpose. From the last year demand of 85 Horse Power tractor has been increased with notable figures. MF 385 tractor is always selling in black market with handsome premium amount, hence attracting the investors.

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There are rumors in the market that Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd makers of New Holland tractors are also going to increase their tractor prices too. AGTL is at 2nd number in the market after Millat tractors with MS f 40%. We will share those also when the company increase the prices.

Share your reviews about  New Revised Millat Tractors Prices list 2018 producers of Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan.


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