Tractor industry is growing day by day in Pakistan. Tractor sales figures in first half of 2018 recorded highest in its history. Sales volume of tractor brands with their market share has been shared below. You can see quarterly sales analysis of Pakistani tractor manufacturing companies in the year 2018.

Millat tractor which is manufacturing Massey Ferguson tractors is the market leader followed by Al Ghazi and IMT. MF is snatching over fifty percent market share from its competitors. Al Ghazi AGTL on the other hand is struggling to level or cross Millat through its modern marketing strategies.

Pakistani Tractor Sales Figures 2018

Last 4 to 5 months of 2018 did not go well in favour of the tractor industry. Companies had to shut down their manufacturing plants during the start of December till the end of January 2019. The reason behind this was depreciation of Pakistani Rupee against Dollar. Which further increased the production cost and lowering the gross profit.

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Market Share of AL Ghazi Tractors and Millat Tractors Ltd.

#1st Quarter

Tractor Sales Figures – 1Q 2018

Company Total

Market Share

Millat (Massey Ferguson) 11025 55.3%
AGTL (New Holland) 8827 44.2%
IMT – Bull Power 98 0.5%
Total 19950 100.0%

#2nd Quarter 

Sales Figures – 2Q 2018

Company Total

Market Share

Millat (Massey Ferguson) 11528 61.9%
AGTL (New Holland) 6951 37.3%
IMT – Bull Power 148 0.8%
Total 18627 100.0%

#3rd Quarter 

Sales Figures – 3Q 2018

Company Total

Market Share

Millat (Massey Ferguson) 10014 72.9%
AGTL (New Holland) 3602 26.2%
IMT – Bull Power 115 0.8%
Total 13731 100.0%

#4th Quarter 

Sales Figures – 4Q 2018

Company Total

Market Share

Millat (Massey Ferguson) 6096 57.6%
AGTL (New Holland) 4547 42.3%
 IMT – Bull Power 103 1.0%
Total 10746 100%

Total Sales & Market Share 2018

Total Tractors Sales Figures 2018

Company Sales Market Share
Millat (Massey Ferguson) 38670 61.3%
AGTL (New Holland) 23917 37.9%
IMT – Bull Power 467 0.7%
Total 63054 100.0%

Source: PAMA

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