2019 Tractor Companies Sales Volume and Market Share in Pakistan

The struggle to gain market share has even grown far between the companies. After getting good sales volume in year 2017 and 1st half of 2018. Tractor companies in Pakistan are once again facing bad time. Due to less new tractor demand sales have gone down significantly. This decline is not only on the tractor industry but all automobile companies are having it.

Below you can see sales figures of Millat, Al Ghazi and Orient tractor company in year 2019. There is not a noticeable change in market share if we compare with last year. Only Al-Ghazi Tractors have gained 2% share vs Millat company.

tractor sales and share 2019

Tractors Sales and

Market Share 2019

MonthMillatAL Ghazi Orient

/ Bull Power

Total 1Q643549678611488
Total 2Q818541996112445
Total 3Q50944144659303
Grand Total 2019197141331021233236
Total MS 201959.3%40.0%0.6%100.0%

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If we compare the industry with the year 2018 it has decreased by 32% SPLY (Jan-Sep). There are some factors in creating this situation mentioned below.

  • Pakistani Rupee devaluation resulting in an increase in prices.
  • The buying power of customers has decreased.
  • Farmers could not earn well from their crops
  • The arrival of new government which has failed to provide a good environment for the business.
  • Profit uncertainty for investors.

Let’s see whats happens in the last quarter of the ongoing year. But apparently it seems not giving a good gesture to boost up the tractor sales. The current market share of the tractor companies might not get change.

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Source: PAMA

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