New Holland V Massey Ferguson - Millat Vs Al Ghazi Tractors

Information about New Holland V Massey Ferguson – Millat Vs Al Ghazi tractors is shared on this page. In Pakistan New Holland and Massey Ferguson tractors are manufactured by Al Ghazi Tractor and Millat Tractors Ltd. respectively. AGTL (AL Ghazi Tractors Ltd) manufacturing plant is located at Sakhi Sarwar Road, DG Khan. MTL (Millat Tractors Limited) is manufacturing their tractors at Sheikhupura Road, Lahore, both are the top tractor manufacturing companies in Pakistan. Comparison between Millat vs Al Ghazi Tractors has been shared below.

New Holland V Massey Ferguson - Millat Vs Al Ghazi Tractors

New Holland V Massey Ferguson | Millat Vs Al Ghazi Tractors – Market Share

MTL & AGTL New Holland V Massey Ferguson both are at the top manufacturing companies, although Millat (Massey Ferguson) Tractors Company is the Market leader with share of above 60%. AGTL (New Holland) comes at second position with market share of 38%.

MF & NH both are trying to snatch more MS with introducing new market tactics. These include quality improvements, marketing strategies and introducing new models with little amendments. Market share of both vary area to area for example where there is more sugarcane crop there are MF tractors. On the other hand if come to cotton and wheat crop belts there are NH tractors dominant.

New Holland V Massey Ferguson | Millat Vs Al Ghazi Tractors Comparison – Models

New Holland (AGTL)

Massey Ferguson (MTL)

Model/Make Horse Power Model/Make Horse Power
NH 480-S 55 HP MF 240 50 HP
NH 480-S

Power Steering

55 HP MF 350 Plus

Power Steering

50 HP
NH GHAZI 65 HP MF 260 60 HP
 GHAZI Disk Brake 65 HP MF 360

Power Steering

60 HP
NH 640 75 HP MF 375 75 HP
NH 640 Disc Brake 75 HP MF 385 85 HP
NH 640-S 85 HP MF 385 (4WD) 85 HP
NH 640-S Disc Brake 85 HP
NH Dabung 85 HP
NH 70-56 (4×4) 85 HP

Specifications and prices are available on our website please explore.

Prices of both tractor models are approximately same there is little difference between them.

Check here prices:

Millat Tractor Prices | Al Ghazi Tractor Prices

New Holland V Massey Ferguson | Millat Vs Al Ghazi Tractors Performance Reviews:

AL Ghazi Tractors is also known as Fiat Tractors as they have Fiat Tractor Models in their product fleet. Fiat Tractor are considered best for farming purposes like, using implements (Cultivator, Rotavator, disc Plough, Laser Land leveler, Wheat Thresher, Wheat reaper etc.), They have less fuel consumption than Massey tractors.

Millat Tractors are dominant in haulage and commercial segment as their rear portion is strong. AGTL tractors broke rear axle tubes while using on loaded trolleys since last 7 to 8 years. However they have overcome this issue with replacing the rear axle tubes material with SG (Spheroidal Graphite) Iron. Number of complaints of tube breakage has fallen down to ignorable numbers. Fuel consumption of MF tractors is more on farming implements usage. These tractors are mostly used for haulage and where there soils are lenient.

Millat Vs Al Ghazi Tractors – Booking and Delivery

You can buy or book your tractor through dealers of both companies. Dealership network of MTL and AGTL is spread all over the Pakistan. 3S dealers of both companies are available in Punjab, Sindh, KPK and Balochistan through them booking of tractors is done. Warranty claims are also entertained through dealers. Both companies give delivery period of tractor models after booking and depositing full payment.

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    6 years ago / March 3, 2018 @ 2:35 am

    Could you please advise me on which Al ghazi model is the best for ploughing and on implements and also which MF model is the best for haulage?

    • admin

      6 years ago / March 4, 2018 @ 8:59 am

      For Implements NH 640 of Al Ghazi and for Haulage MF 385.

  • Ali

    6 years ago / December 9, 2018 @ 9:36 am

    The great sales of MF tractors as compared to Fiat in largely due to better quality of MF and also greater production of sugarcane in Pakistan?


    6 years ago / December 10, 2018 @ 5:28 pm

    Please how many numbers of the farming implements and their names will come with a brand new ALGHAZI-FIAT tractor model when ordered direct from the company?

    • admin

      6 years ago / December 10, 2018 @ 6:49 pm

      Dear, you will only get the tractor, not any implements with it.

  • Muhammad Aleem

    5 years ago / October 10, 2019 @ 12:44 pm

    I want to purchase a tractor either it was MF or NH. I have only concern regarding the weight plugging capacity. can you have the comparison which of your variant can plug the how many tons of weight. if you have please share.

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