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Tractor Rotavator Rotary Tiller Price in Pakistan 2018 – All Companies

rotary tiller / rotavator price

Rotavator / Rotary Tiller are composed of L-shaped tines mounted on a shaft and shrouded by a shield. The Rotavator is pulled behind a tractor while PTO of the tractor drives the shaft of rotary tiller through gear and chain arrangement. The rotating tines take the incremental bites of the soil. The soil after cutting is lifted up and rotated …

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Millat Agri Implements Laser Land Leveler Price in Pakistan + Specifications

Millat Agri Implements Laser Land Leveler

Millat Tractors Ltd. is market leader of tractor industry in Pakistan. Along with tractors millat implements are also considered best quality in Pakistan. They are producing vast range of agricultural implements. On this page you will find Millat Tractors Laser Land Leveler Price 2018 and specifications in Pakistan. Main product of Millat is Massey ferguson tractors. Millat tractors revised their agri …

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