Wheat Thresher Machine

Every farmer cannot buy combine harvester as it is out of their buying power. Wheat thresher machine is much economical for threshing of wheat crop for a middle farmer. Although combine harvester cuts the crop and threshes it in the same time. But its cost is much high, alternative for this machine is tractor operated wheat thresher machine. Price and specification of wheat thrasher machines are given below.

General practice of middle farmers is that wheat crop is harvested manually by labour. After cutting and making crop bales it is collected at a specified place within the field. A tractor is required to operate this thrasher machine. With help of tractor’s PTO this machine get power and performs. Another by-product we get from this threshing machine is wheat straw (Toori). A blower in the machine sends the straw out and it is collected near it in the field.

Wheat Thresher Machine

Wheat Thresher Machine Price in Pakistan 2022:


Price in PKR

Pakistani Made

Rs. 450,000 to 550,000

Many local companies are manufacturing thresher machines in Pakistan. Companies like, Kissan, Millat Agro Industries, Batala, Saith Tufail, National, Zarai Industries are producing these machines in Faisalabad and Jhang. Indian made machines are also available in Pakistan.

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wheat thresher machine

Wheat Thresher Machine Specifications:

This machine can give up to 40 maunds wheat per hour. A tractor or electric motor of 30 to 40 horsepower is needed to run it. Besides wheat, this thresher machine is also useful for Gram, Pulses and Mustard.

Total Cutters 104-130
Height with Wheels 5.5 – 6 Feet
Threshing Drum Length 4.5 – 5.5 Feet
Threshing Drum Width 48 Inches
Total Pullies 8
Number of Belts 18
Rear Tyres Size (Two) 32 Inches
Front Tyre Size (Only one) 25 Inches
Total Length 12 Feet
Total Width 4.5-5 Feet
Total Height 5-6 Feet
Grain Cleaning Efficiency: 95%
Grain Damage: Negligible
Power Required: 30 to 40 HP
Man Labour Required: 4
Required PTO Speed: 540 RPM.
Fuel Consumption: 6 – 7 Liters per hour

New Holland 480 and NH Ghazi tractor is preferred to operate wheat thresher machine. The reason for using these tractors is told that tractor does not get heated. Tractors engine remains at normal temperature. While according to feedback Millat’s Massey Ferguson tractors engine gets heated and radiator water level keeps decreasing.

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Watch Video of Wheat Thresher Machine:


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