Wheat Straw Chopper Machine Pakistan

Wheat Straw Chopper machine is operated by tractor’s PTO. Its job is to collect the wheat straws harvested and dropped by a combine harvester and to cut them in small pieces. After chopping the straws, blower sends them to the trolley or trailer attached at the back. A tractor is required to operate this wheat straw chopper / reaper machine. In India this machine is known as wheat straw reaper machine.

Some latest combine harvesters have the ability to make the wheat straw cut into tiny pieces. In Pakistan these small pieces of wheat straws are called toori or bhoosa (Toori Wali machine). This machine also harvests or cut the stubbles of wheat left by combine machine. It is also called small combine harvester as it also collects wheat grains from the waste.

Wheat Straw Chopper Machine in Pakistan

 Wheat Straw Chopper Machine Price in Pakistan 2022


Price List

Indian Made

Rs. 7 to 8 Lakh

Pakistani Made

Rs. 5 to 6 Lakh

Millat Tractors Wheat Straw Reaper /  Chopper

Rs. 890,000


Indian made models available in Pakistan are PavitJit, JS Agri and JaggatJit. Straw chopper machines are being manufactured in Gujranwala, Okara, Faisalabad and Multan, Punjab Pakistan.

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Wheat Straw Chopper Machine Parts

This machine consists of the following parts.

  • Heavy duty gearbox which is operated by PTO shaft of the tractor.
  • Blades for shaving the stubbles and to cut in pieces.
  • Grain tank to collect and abstract grains from the leftover.
  • Thresher drum
  • Air blower to drop straw in the trolley

Features of Wheat Straw Chopper / Reaper

  • Harvesting and cutting capacity of 2 acres per hour
  • Efficient for handling the waste
  • Less fuel consumption
  • 40 horsepower tractor is enough to operate this machine
  • Fuel consumption is 4 to 5 liters per hour
  • Reaps the stubbles and saves grain loss

General Specification of Wheat Straw Chopper

Number of blowers 1 or 2
Weight 1600 to 2000 kg
Effective cutting width 2000 to 2400 mm
Number of cutting blades 24 to 32
Cutting height 50 to 60mm
Length of thresher drum 1200-1400 mm
Diameter of drum with blades 750 mm
Thresher Speed 540 to 850 PRM
Number of blades on drum 250 to 300
Tyre Size 6.00-14

Millat Wheat Straw Reaper Chopper

Wheat Straw Choppers

Wheat Straw Chopper Machine Pakistan

Wheat Straw Chopper and reapers

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Wheat straw (Toori) is used for forage of animals this why it is known as wheat forage harvester machine too. Compressed straw by manual balers is exported and supplied to paper factories. Wheat straw chopper can be a profitable machine for the farmers.


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    Prices vary depending upon number of blade or cutting width….working capacity…
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    We need a one pc Indian Made JAGGATJIT CHEEEMA MANDI 57″ Straw chopper machine in Multan Pakistan.


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    We need a one pc Indian Made JAGGATJIT CHEEEMA MANDI 57″ Straw chopper machine in Multan Pakistan

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  • Atif

    2 years ago / March 19, 2022 @ 9:30 pm

    The wheat husk reaper machine can be used to spread the shredded husk for use as organic fertilizer.

    Looking for a machine which could save the effort by harvesting grain and shredding straw (toori) simultaneously.

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