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Disc Harrow is an effective implement for soil preparation, weed abatement and mixing of harvest residues. On this page you will find disc harrow price and specifications in Pakistan. The adjustable cleaners make the discs free of any waste material, permitting excellent management. Disc harrow is primary and secondary tillage implement operated with the help of a tractor. The disc harrow is attached with 3 point linkage category tractor. It is considered little heavier implement. Tractor having above 50 horsepower is used to operate disc harrow.

Disc harrow is made of a heavy frame and round blade type disc are attached with it. Number of discs can vary including 14, 16 or 18. More the discs more power is required to run it. in Pakistan frequently tractors used for disc harrow are New Holland 640, NH Dabung, MF 375 and MF 385. These tractors have 75 to 85 horsepower engine.

disc harrow price

Disc Harrow Price in Pakistan 2020

Disc Harrow

Price in PKR

With 14 DiscsRs. 175,000
With 16 DiscsRs. 195,000
With 18 DiscsRs. 250,000

Disc harrow price depends on its number of disc and quality of the material. Lower the quality lower the price similarly the number of discs.

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Disc harrows are being manufactured by local vendors in Punjab Pakistan. Disk harrow is specially manufactured in Jhang, Gujranwala, Okara, and Multan market. Millat tractors, Saith Tufail, Agritech Multan, Kissan Implements etc. are the top manufacturers.

Tractor Disc Harrow Uses

  • It used to prepare soil by breaking hard clods and soften the soil.
  • It pulls and removes the unwanted field weeds.
  • Disc harrow is used to make seed beds.
  • It slices and blends the last crop’s residues in the soil.

Disc Harrow Specifications

Number of Discs14 to 18 Discs 590 Kgs. 145 cm (57”) 50 HP
Disc Size61 cm (24 inches)
Total Weight550 to 800 KG
Working Width55 to 75 Inches
Tractor Required50  to 85 HP

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