Laser Land Leveler Price in Pakistan 2020


Laser land leveler is used before crop sowing to prepare the agricultural land. It flats te earth so that water should reach every corner of the field for better production. Millat Tractors Ltd. is market leader of tractor industry in Pakistan. Along with tractors millat implements are also considered best quality in Pakistan. They are producing a vast range of agricultural implements. On this page you will find Laser Land Leveler Price 2020 and specifications in Pakistan. Main product of Millat is Massey Ferguson tractors.

Millat Agri Implements Laser Land Leveler Price

Laser land Leveler Price in Pakistan 2020:

Price in Pakistani Rupees (Range)

Rs. 600,000 to 800,000

Laser Land Leveler Minimizes the cost of operation through its efficient working. It ensures better degree of accuracy in much lesser time. Millat Laser Leveler Saves irrigation water through accurate leveling because water reaches at every end of field.  It ascertains uniform seed germination and increases fertilizer effectiveness and resultantly enhances crop yield.

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Salient Features of Laser Land Leveler:

  • Backed by Millat Guarantee
  • Range : Diameter 1 Km (Approx.)
  • Reliable Fully Automatic Transmitter
  • Durable, Shock Proof Big Screen Receiver
  • Control Box with Manual or Automatic Settings
  • Provision of Slope S
  • Heat Resistance & Water Proof

Millat Tractors Laser land Leveler Specifications:

Laser land Leveler Price & Specifications


  • Heat Resistant (up to 60 C) and Water Proof
  • Tripod Mounting System
  • Working Area: Diameter: 1000m/1 Km (Approx.)
  • Provision of Slope: 1mm to 10ft
  • Accuracy: ±1.5mm
  • Self-Leveling Range: Horizontal: ±5
  • Rotating Speed: 600-1200 rpm
  • Operating Time: – With battery: 65hrs – With dry cells: 25hrs

RECEIVER (MEI – USA; Model: 367 SB)

Extremely Durable: Internally Protected from Shock & Vibration

  • Beam Detecting Angle: 360 degree
  • Height: 7.8″ (200 mm)
  • Water Resistant & Dust Proof
  • Super Bright LED Display
  • Two Intensities: (1) Super Bright for high ambient light levels (2) Softer for Low light
  • Power Source: 12/24 V DC


  • Heat & Water Resistant
  • Fully Automatic Blade Control for Precision Grading
  • Manual or Automatic Control
  • On Grade Accuracy Selection
  • Operating Temperature: -15′ C to 60
  • Operating Voltage: 12V DC
  • Weight: 1.5kg

HYDRAULIC KIT: (Aron – Made in Italy)


  • – Overall Length: 4,400 mm (14.4ft)
  • – Overall Width: 2,570 mm (8.4ft)
  • – Overall Height: 2,000 mm (6.5ft)
  • Approx. Weight: 1,000 Kg
  • Tyres: 04 Nos.
  • Size: 6.50-14 (6PR)


Millat Tractors claims their two models are compatible with this Laser Leveler MF 375 (75 HP) and MF 385 (85 HP). Laser Land leveler Price in Pakistan of other companies is also available on our website.


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