Wheat Price in Pakistan Today

Wheat Price November-2023:

Pakistan grain market wheat price is updated on daily basis. Wheat is of fundamental nutritional value because the food of more than one-third of the world’s population depends on wheat. According to the US Agency for Agriculture, the total production of wheat in the world in the year 2019-20 was about 760 million tons, which was obtained from a crop grown on an area of about 540 million acres.

شہر کے حساب سے گندم کی قیمتیں نیچے دی گئی ہیں۔

Production of wheat in Pakistan is 27.5 million tonnes for the year 2022-23, which is highest ever record yield in the country’s history.  The average yield of Pakistan remained at about 31 maunds (1 maund is equal to 40kg) per acre which is less than half of the production capacity.

Wheat price is revised every year by the Government of Pakistan upon the desire of farmers. Farmers demand the rate at which their profitability is at least at par. Wheat cultivation cost is increasing day by day due to the inflation rate. The cost of inputs like fertilizers and electricity has significantly increased.

Wheat Price in Pakistan Today

Wheat Government Price in Pakistan 2023:

The government of Pakistan has suggested the minimum support price (MSP) of the wheat crop for the year 2023 at Rs. 4,000 per 40KG in Punjab and Sindh province.

Wheat Price in Pakistan today December 6, 2023 Punjab, KPK, Balochistan

آج  گندم  کاریٹ

District / CityMinimum RateMaximum RateAverage Rate
KPK Province
BunnerPKR 4,400PKR 4,800PKR 4,600
Dera Ismail KhanPKR 4,640PKR 4,720PKR 4,680
MardanPKR 4,550PKR 4,800PKR 4,675
PeshawarPKR 4,640PKR 4,720PKR 4,680
Punjab Province
ArifwalaPKR 4,300PKR 4,450PKR 4,375
Chowk AzamPKR 4,620PKR 4,700PKR 4,660
PattokiPKR 4,550PKR 4,670PKR 4,610
SahiwalPKR 4,620PKR 4,700PKR 4,660
GojraPKR 4,550PKR 4,670PKR 4,610
KamaliaPKR 4,620PKR 4,700PKR 4,660
KasurPKR 4,550PKR 4,670PKR 4,610
PattokiPKR 4,620PKR 4,700PKR 4,660
SahiwalPKR 4,550PKR 4,670PKR 4,610
ShorkotPKR 4,620PKR 4,700PKR 4,660
SialkotPKR 4,550PKR 4,670PKR 4,610
Toba Tek SinghPKR 4,620PKR 4,700PKR 4,660
Yazman MandiPKR 4,550PKR 4,670PKR 4,610
Sindh Province
HyderabadPKR 4,760PKR 4,760PKR 4,760
KarachiPKR 4,800PKR 4,820PKR 4,810
SangharPKR 4,900PKR 4,900PKR 4,900
ShikarpurPKR 4,500PKR 4,750PKR 4,625
SukkurPKR 4,500PKR 4,750PKR 4,625
BaraPKR 5,100PKR 5,160PKR 5,140

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آجکے تمام کھادوں کے ریٹس چیک کریں

City Name
Ahmadpur East
Dunga Bunga
Mian Channu
Rahim Yar Khan
Tobe Tek Singh
Yazman Mandi

Wheat Price Today in Sindh

City Name
Mirpur Khas
Naushahro Feroze
Nawab Shah
Shahpur Chakar
Tando Adam Khan

نوٹ: شہر اور ڈسٹرکٹ کے مطابق قیمتوں میں ردو بدل ہو سکتا ہے۔

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Wheat sowing and tractors

Tractors Implements are used to prepare fields before wheat sowing. Primary tillage implements used in the wheat field preparation are Rotavator or Chisel plough, laser land leveler. Secondary tillage implement is seed drill or rabi drill for wheat sowing. Drill sowing is a more efficient way of wheat sowing for maximum yield.


Wheat Sowing Time in Pakistan

Sowing time of wheat in all provinces of Pakistan starts from the 1st of November and ends on the 20th of December. Major varities of wheat are Akbar-19, Ghazi-19, Bhakkar star, Faisalabad 2008, Gold 2016, millat 2011, Ujala 2016, Aas 2019 etc.

Punjab and Sindh:

wheat sowing time in punjab and sindh

KPK and Balochistan:

wheat sowing time in kpk and balochistan

At some stations Wheat rate in ghalla mandi market is less than the rate announced by the government. Wheat price also depends on its seed variety and yield quality including size and moisture level and other impurities involved.


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