Fertilizers Khad Rate

Fertilizers Khad Rate in Pakistan March 2023

Khad rate is available on this which is updated on daily basis. Along with the prices of tractors, the prices of inputs for crops are also increasing. The rate of fertilizers is also increasing continuously. Khad / Fertilizer performs in the growth of crops.

Fertilizers Khad Rate

Khad Rates List  in Pakistan Today March 25, 2023

Fertilizer / KhadAverage Price per 50 KG Bag
DAP – SarsabzRs. 11,450
DAP (Sona, Pakarab or FFC)Rs. 10,560 – 11,000
Efert. Agritrade ZorawarRs. 12,175
MOP – FFCRs. 11,900 – 12,100
NPKRs. 8,000 – 8,100
Sarsabz CAN-FRs. 2,099
Sarsabz CAN-GRs. 2,120
Sarsabz NPRs. 9,370
Sona Boran (3 KG pack)Rs. 950
Sona Zinc Granular (3 KG pack)Rs. 2,250
SOP GranularRs. 11,570
SOP granular- FFCRs. 15,500 – 16,000
SSP2,000 to 2,500
Urea – Sarsabz or SonaRs. 2,440 – 2,585

 کھادوں کا نرخ نامہ

fartlizer rate list today

Above fertilizers / Khad rates are issued from respective companies Fauji Fertilizer FFC, Fatima Fertilizer of Pakrab Fertilizers Limited.

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