Millat Tractors Implements Price List 2019 in Pakistan

Besides manufacturing tractor models Millat tractors implements are also available. Millat all tractors implements price 2019 in Pakistan and specification has been shared below. You know Millat is producing Massey Ferguson tractors in Pakistan ranging from 50 to 85 horsepower. Company is getting tractor implements from the local manufacturers in Pakistan.

millat tractors implements prices in pakistan

The complete list of latest Millat agricultural implements with prices.

Millat Agricultural Implements Prices 2019


MF-1840 Massey Ferguson (Hay Baler)

MF 1840 hay baler price

Rs. 2739200

Forage Harvester JF92Z10 (Maize Head)

Forage Harvester JF92Z10 price

Rs. 664149

Grass Head JF-1300 ( attachment for JF92Z10)

Grass Head JF-1300 price

Rs. 649350

Forage Harvester JF92Z10 (Maize Head) with JF 1000 AT (Row Independent Head)

Forage Harvester JF1000 price

Rs. 1220549

JF 1000 AT (Row Independent Head for JF92Z10 only )

JF 1000 AT price

Rs. 608400

Forage Chopper JF-60 Maxxium S3

(Tractor PTO Driven)

Forage Chopper price

Rs. 342400

Forage Chopper JF-60 Maxxium S3

(With Base for Electric Motor or Peter Engine)

Forage Chopper JF-60 price

Rs. 262150

Lawn Mower Model (Jolly-150 Tractor Driven)

lawn mower price

Rs. 219960

Rotary Slasher

rotary slasher price

Rs. 160500

Post Hole Digger (02 Augers)

Post Hole Digger price

Rs. 126260

Front End Blade (for Tractor-385, 4WD)

tractor front blade price

Rs. 93000

Front Blade (for Tractor -375)

front blade price

Rs. 91700

Front Blade (for Tractor-360)

Rs. 78752

Front Blade (for Tractor-350)

Rs. 74254

Laser Land Leveller (Blade)

laser land leveler price

Rs. 532860

Rear Blade (Multi – Purpose)

rear blade price

Rs. 50825

Disc Harrow (16 Nos.)

disc harrow price

Rs. 205700

Disc Harrow (14 Nos.)

disc harrow price

Rs. 177000

Rabi Drill (Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill – 13 Tines)

seed drill price

Rs. 89500

Mould Board Plough (3 Furrows)

mould board plough price

Rs. 73331

Disc Plough (3 Disc)

disc plough price

Rs. 81293

Chisel Plough

chisel plough price

Rs. 58572

Rice Puddler (3 in 1)

rice puddler price

Rs. 67492

Cultivator (13 – Tines)

cultivator 13 tines price

Rs. 81454

Cultivator (11 – Tines)

cultivator 11 tines price

Rs. 71669

Cultivator (09 – Tines)

cultivator price

Rs. 61094

Ridger (Tool Bar Type)

tractor ridger price

Rs. 61709

Ridger (FMA Type)

ridger price in pakistan

Rs. 52577

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In Pakistani tractor market, Millat is already at number one. If you want to buy Millat tractor implements visit nearest dealer for this purpose. Millat has a wide network of dealerships in the country. Quality of implements is better than being manufactured by other local companies.

The competitor of Millat is Al Ghazi tractors Limited which has also both tractor and implements. But their main focus is tractors business.

Source: Company Website


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