Tractor Types and Uses

How many tractor types are there? if you have this question then its the right place for the answer. Know the types of tractor with respect to nature of the job and application.

What is Tractor?

A tractor is a power unit or machine in which more traction develops under the large rear wheels for pulling load / attachment or tillage implements. Besides traction tractor has the major function of hydraulic system for lifting heavyweights. Tractor is used for multi purposes like agricultural practices, industrial tasks, garden jobs, etc. It is also used for hauling large trolley or containers. But the most of its utilization is for agricultural purposes for preparing soil and sowing crops.

Tractor Types and Uses

Tractor Types

1. General Purpose Tractors

It is an ordinary wheel type tractor. It has less clearance between the ground and the lowest part of the tractor. General purpose tractor are further classified in the following types.

  • Farm Tractors

These tractors range from 25 to 400 horsepower, designed to operate several implements such as disc plow, Moldboard plow, disc harrow cultivator, etc. Higher HP tractor can work with heavy implements covering more acreage in less time. They can operate threshers and supplies power to other jobs with PTO. They are for harvesting and may have small size front wheel or may have equal wheels with 4 wheel drive system. They are also know as agricultural tractors.

Farm Tractor Types Available in Pakistan:

  1. Massey Ferguson – Millat Tractors Limited
  2. New Holland – Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd.
  3. Bull Power Tractors
  4. Euro Ford Tractors
  5. Belarus Tractors
  • Utility & Industrial Tractor Types

It is a multipurpose tractor used for Industrial or corporate jobs. It is specially manufactured for industrial operations and for heavy hauling around factories, freight depots and airports. Industrial tractors have special rubber tyres, high speed transmission, hoisting, excavating, power loading and swivel mechanism. Utility tractor work with front or back blade/buckets and other attachments.

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2. Row crop tractor Types

These tractors are used for performing row crop operations such as planting of row crops and performing intercultural operations. They have high clearance and front wheels are adjustable for different row spacing.

3. Orchard Tractors

These are medium size tractors from 12 to 20 drawbar horsepower. They are limited in height so as they have to operate under and around the trees. They are limited in width due to the space between the trees. They have a short turning radius.

4. Garden Tractor Types

They range in size from 1 to 12 horsepower. Air cooled engine are usually used in garden tractors. They have low clearance and are designed for light duty work. Traction is limited because of its weight and its cost per acre is relatively high. It cannot perform deep tillage operations. More skill and greater effort is required to operate these tractors. Maintenance charges are high.

5. Power tiller

It is a two-wheeled tractor. It is steered or maneuvered by hands and usually operates a rotary tiller. Its power is 2 to 12 horsepower.

6. Crawler tractors

It contains tracks instead of wheels and special final drive system. It is used on soft soils and can remove dirt and transport it to considerable distance. It has low speed but greater tractive force. Crawler tractors are very expensive in price as comparison to others.


Hope this article of tractor types helped you increasing your knowledge. Choose your tractor according to types of tractor available. Know you should know which tractor do you need.

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