Daily Tractor Maintenance Tips

A cautious and responsible driver can run the tractor perfectly and keep it in good condition. He knows daily tractor maintenance tasks before switching on its engine. Do not just jump on the seat before starting the tractor check it carefully. Always follow the safety measures of tractor mentioned in its service and operator manual. You can avoid big loss or damage by ensuring these daily maintenance tips.

Usually, routine maintenance guidelines are always there in the service warranty booklet provided by the company.  Periodic maintenance is carried out with respect to tractor engine running hours. There is a schedule of tasks or jobs list to be done after pre-specified engine running hours.

Daily Tractor Maintenance Tips

Daily Tractor Maintenance Tips

1. Engine Oil

Engine oil is its lifesaving component it keeps the engine parts running smoothly. It prevents wear and tear of internal engine parts. Before starting the engine check the engine oil level with dip stick. Also maintain a chart of oil replacement schedule. Keep greasing Grease points on weekly basis. Every tractor has its greasing points, do it with the help of grease gun.

2. Transmission / Hydraulic Oil

Also ensure that oil level in transmission gearbox is optimum. In Pakistani manufactured tractors hydraulic and transmission oil subsists in single chamber. Debris occurs from transmission gears which can damage hydraulic pump and hence its performance may go down. So point is to replace this oil when it is required.

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3. Diesel Filter

Diesel filter collects the impurities or dust particles at its bottom.  Always clean these by opening the filter bottom so that it does not get stuck. It will also avoid sticking of fuel pump (FIP) nozzles. Tractor maintenance is incomplete without checking both oil and diesel filters.

4. Pre Air Cleaner

Pre-air cleaner provides neat and fresh air to the engine. It has a system of cleaning the air with oil container at its bottom. Before reaching the bottom it dusts the air at the top. So check and sanitize it if there are any impediments.

5. Radiator Fluid

The radiator is the essential part of the engine its job is to lower the temperature by providing cool water or fluid. It is only possible if there enough level of water. Check its level and ensure there is no leakage. Coolant can be used for avoiding the rust inside the radiator pipes which will increase its life and avoid any possible seepage.

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6. Fuel Tank

Try to use good quality and fresh fuel it will provide good engine efficiency. For good tractor maintenance, fuel tank should be sediment and rust free because it can damage fuel injection pump. When you park the tractor in the evening try to top up or half fill the tank.

7. Fan Belt

Check fan belt tension and remove any crop around the alternator. Belt should not be too loose and nor tight it can increase engine temperature and damage the alternator. So it is necessary belt tightness should be ideal.

8. Tires Pressure

To get good performance of tractor it is very important to have ideal air pressure in tires. The lessor or higher pressure can increase engine work but lower efficiency. It may also decrease tires life and the engine gets overloaded. You should have a tire pressure testing gauge and check it once in a weak.

Make a daily and weekly tractor maintenance log book. Also read the instruction given in the service and operator manual book which comes with every tractor. Millat and AL Ghazi tractors are manufacturing Massey Ferguson and New Holland Tractors respectively. These tips are fully required by their all tractor models.

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