NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor Fuel Consumption

We have shared an interesting information about NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor Fuel Consumption and Performance in field. Well aware farmer / customer is always curious about the expenses of tractor after purchasing it. First thing in mind comes of fuel consumption of tractor how much it it going to cost for field performances. New Holland Dabung is 85 Horse Power tractor made by Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd. (AGTL) in Pakistan.

NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor Fuel Consumption

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NH Dabung 85 HP Tractor Fuel Consumption and Field Performance:

NH Dabung 85 tractor has lot of expectations for farmers in higher horse power tractor. Trend of HHP (Higher Horse Power) tractor is getting pace especially in 85HP in Pakistan. People want to use tractor for both purposes Haulage and farming. In farming tractor is used on different tillage implements for preparing the field or harvesting the crop. In implements main are

  • Tine Cultivator
  • Disc Plough
  • Chisel Plough
  • Chisel Plough
  • MB Plough Fix Bottom
  • Rotavator
  • Disc Harrow Trail Type
  • Laser Land Leveler


  • Tine Cultivator (17 Tines)

Depth of plow5 inches
Fuel Consumption1.56 liter/acre, 10 liters/hour
Field Capacity6.4 acre/hr
  • Disc Plough (3 Discs)

Depth of plow7.5 inches
Fuel Consumption7.50 liters/acre, 8.10 liters/hour
Field Capacity1.08 acre/hour
  • Chisel Plough (5 Tines)

Depth of plow18 inches
Fuel Consumption6.85 liters/acre, 8.4 liters/hour
Field Capacity1.23 acre/hour
  • Chisel Plough (9 Tines)

Depth of plow10 inches
Fuel Consumption4.06 liters/acre, 8.67 liters/hour
Field Capacity2.13 acre/hour
  • MB Plough Fix Bottom (3 Furrow)

Depth of plow10 inches
Fuel Consumption7.10 liters/acre, 8.04 liters/hour
Field Capacity1.13 acre/hour
  • Rotavator (54 Blades)

Depth of plow6 inches
Fuel Consumption4.22 liters/acre, 8.10 liters/hour
Field Capacity1.08 acre/hour
  • Disc Harrow Trail Type (18 Disc)

Depth of plow7 inches
Fuel Consumption2.88 liters/acre, 10.36 liters/hour
Field Capacity1.08 acre/hour
  • Laser Land Leveler

Width of Blade8 Feet
Fuel Consumption3.06 liters/acre, 4.6 liters/hour
Field Capacity0.66 acre/hour (Double Run)

Hope you have got enough knowledge to buy NH Dabung 85 now. These figures are taken from the Company which claim tractor was tested by AMRI (Agricultural Machinery Research Institute). If we compare these values with performance and fuel consumption of Dabung’s competitor Massey Ferguson MF 385, Dabung is more economical. Dabung tractor has more traction power and cool engine technology.

NH Dabung Tractor Video:

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  • usama

    4 years ago / May 19, 2019 @ 1:38 pm

    dabung may sab kuch theek ha Lakin is kay wheel wait ki waja say is ki handi totanay ka khatra ha (is ko company theek karay or is may jack assembly bhi laga ka da )………………………………… dabung ko trali purpose kay liay hard karay …….ya alghazi kay admin say request ha…….thanku .

  • Rana naseer Ahmed

    1 year ago / October 20, 2021 @ 9:22 pm

    I am trying to fetch your attention to the diffrential rear axles and tube ,in rice planting areas ,strait axles n tubes are needed (fully floating axle) as like massey ferguson.I heard a rumor relating this subject if it is true ,plz guide me when its booking will start.regards

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