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Rahi tractors are Chinese made imported by Ruba Automotive of Haier group in Pakistan. Rahi Tractor Prices and specifications of all models are given below. Joint venture on Shifeng Group of China and Ruba Sez brought this tractor in Pakistan. Initially, they launched 3 models ranging from 55HP to 75 HP tractors. Right now company has discontinued to import new tractors from China and is only selling already available in stock.

Rahi tractors company sold about 400 units all over Pakistan in 4 years. The main reason behind not getting success and product penetration difficulties was non-availability of spare parts. Rahi tractor spare parts are not available locally in every city of Pakistan. Someone can find spare parts of Rahi models in Lahore market. Company made dealership network all over Pakistan having 3S setups. Rahi company sold tractor through lease financing. Nowadays Rahi tractors are available for sale at Ruba Digital branches.

Rahi Tractor model Prices

Rahi Tractor Prices in Pakistan (Discontinued)



Last Price List



Rs. 726,570/-



Rs. 813,150/-



Rs. 1,063,400/-

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Features of Rahi Tractors

  • Ricardo (UR) YTR 4 IOS (4.4 L) High Torque Low Noise Green Engine
  • Environment-Friendly & Fuel Efficient
  • Euro Compliance EPA 2 Standard Smoke Emission
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering for Easy Maneuverability
  • Oil Cooler for Effective Cooling
  • Higher PTO Power for Efficient PTO Operations
  • Long Lasting Auxiliary Hydraulic System
  • Heavy Duty Front Axle
  • Robust Rear Axle
  • Efficient Disc Brakes
  • Higher Road Speed
  • Double Fuel Tank for Longer Working Hours
  • Robust Aerodynamic Shape for Luxury & Style
  • Pull to lift bonnet for Easy Accessibility to Service Points
  • Reinforced Sheet Metal
  • Adjustable Luxurious Seat with Shook Absorber & Armrests
  • Separate oil chamber of transmission gearbox and hydraulics.

Spare Parts of Rahi Tractors

Where these tractors are running customer is worried about spare parts. They cannot get/buy their spare parts locally like Fiat and Millat tractors. Badami market in Lahore has parts of these tractors.

1. Rahi SR-550 Tractor

Rahi Tractor SR 550

2. Rahi SR-650 Tractor

Rahi Tractor SR 650

3. Rahi SR-750 Tractor

Rahi Tractor SR 750

SR 750 is a successful model in 75 horsepower, farmers still like this model. This tractor is best for farming and haulage purpose.


  • Usman Shah

    5 years ago / May 3, 2019 @ 11:39 am

    hey sir we need spare parts of rahi sr-650
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  • Rana Muhammed qaisar

    4 years ago / December 1, 2019 @ 5:24 pm

    Dear sir i need information regarding your show rooms in Punjab Pakistan ofrahi tractors
    And I need to buy a Sr 650 so please guide me for further details and informations
    Thanks And regards
    Rana Muhammed qaisar sulehri

    • admin

      4 years ago / December 2, 2019 @ 1:21 pm

      Rahi Company is permanently closed.

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