New Holland is one of the top tractors brand in India. New Holland tractors India models latest prices 2020 have been given below. In agriculture sector New Holland is providing its latest technology machinery for better agriculture business.  In India New Holland plant is based in New Delhi where tractors are being manufactures. About 17 models are available in the market of New Holland brand. This range of different HP models give an opportunity to every farmer.

New Holland Tractors India Price List 2018

New Holland Tractors India Price List 2024:


Horse Power

Price List

TD 5.90 4WD

 New Holland TD5.90 4WD

90 HP ₹588,000

EXCEL 9010 4WD

 EXCEL 9010 4WD tractor

90 HP ₹600,000

EXCEL 8010 4WD

 New holland EXCEL 8010 4WD 

80 HP ₹600,000


7500 TURBO SUPER 4WD tractor

75 HP ₹300,000

EXCEL 6010 4WD 

EXCEL 6010 4WD new holland tractor

60 HP ₹600,000


5500 TURBO SUPER tractor

55 HP ₹1,032,000

New Holland 4710 4WD 

4710 4WD tractor price

47 HP ₹976,800

4710 2WD with Canopy 

4710 2WD with Canopy tractor

47 HP ₹830,400

New Holland 4510 2WD 

4510 2WD tractor price

42 HP  


4010 2WD 

new holland 4010 2WD

39 HP ₹530,500

3630 TX PLUS+ 2WD 

3630 TX PLUS tractor by New holland


55 HP ₹600,000

3630 TX SUPER 2WD 



50 HP ₹984,000

New Holland 3600-2 TX 2WD 

3600-2 TX tractor price


50 HP ₹600,000

NH 3510 2WD 

NH 3510 2WD price


35 HP ₹500,000

New Holland 3230 2WD 

3230 2WD tractor


42 HP ₹540,800

New Holland 3037 2WD 

New Holland 3037 2WD


39 HP ₹624,000

3032 2WD 

indian 3032 2WD tractor


35 HP ₹496,000

New Holland 3030 MU 2WD

35 HP ₹300,000

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These tractor have good quality and performance while in the field. These tractors can operate every tillage implement and do every field related job efficiently. Small horspower tractor of 35HP are also avaialble. In India maximum HP tractor manufacture at new holland plant is 90 HP.

New Holland tractor India are offering 35HP to 90HP agricultural tractor all over the country. This gives an efficient choice to farmers for good profitability and productivity. While in Pakistan Al-Ghazi Tractors are manufacturing New Holland tractors at Dera Ghazi plant. But their tractor models are different and have limited variety from Indian manufactured models. Reason is New Holland itself is not operating the Plant but Al-Futtaim is the managing company there.

Dealers of New Holland tractors India are almost in every big city. Find dealers in your area through dealer finder.

Images Source: New Holland India


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