Lube Oil Prices of all Companies in Pakistan

Lube Oil is as necessary for engine as water for life. On this page you can find Lube Oil Prices 2023 of all Companies in Pakistan. Industry of lubricants is growing day by day and lot of space is yet to be filled. Blending plants are already working to some extent in Pakistan. Industry has lot of scope in Pakistan.

Top Lubricants/Lube Oil Companies in Pakistan:

Shell, PSO, CALTEX (chevron), SK, MILLAT and Honda Atlas are the top Oil and lubricants companies in Pakistan. they are providing different grade oil in different packing size.

Lube Oil Prices of all Companies in Pakistan

Diesel Engine Lube Oil Prices in Pakistan 2023:


Grade & Pack Size in Liters

Retail Price in Rs.

Millat Tractors

Super Plus 4L15W-401,442
Multigrade Oil 4LCF4  20W-501,530
Multigrade Oil 8LCF4  20W-503,131
Manual Transmission & Hydraulic Oil 8LSAE 502,309
Manual Transmission & Hydraulic Oil 10LSAE 503563

AL Ghazi Tractors Premium Oil

Multigrade20W-50 4L1,460
Multigrade20W-50 8L2,680


Rimula R1CD 50 4L1,790
Rimula R1CD 50 10L4,470
Rimula R2 ExtraCF4 20W-50 4L2,370
Rimula R2 ExtraCF-4 20W-50 10L5,920
Rimula R4CI4 15W-40 4L2,364
Rimula R4CF4 15 W-40 10L6,750
Helix HX320W-50 1L620
Helix HX510W-40 3L2,210
Helix HX510W-40 4L2,940
Helix HX75W-30 1L990


DEO 3000SAE 50 4L1,595
DEO 3000SAE 50 10L3,250
DEO 6000CF-4 /SG 20W-50 4L1,850
DEO 6000CF-4 /SG 20W-50 10L4,600
DEO 8000SAE 15W-40 4L2,120
DEO 8000SAE 15W-40 10L4,850


DELO Silver MonogradeSAE 40 1L
DELO Silver MonogradeSAE 40 4L
DELO Silver MonogradeSAE 40 10L
DELO Silver Multigrade20W-50 1L530
DELO Silver Multigrade20W-50 4L2,160
DELO Silver Multigrade20W-50 10L5,250
Delo Gold Ultra15W-40 4L2,364
Delo Gold Ultra15W-40 10L 5,910


ZIC X3000CF-4 20W-50 4L2,400
ZIC X5000CF-I 15W-40 4L3,160

Honda Atlas

A 3000SAE 20W-50 API CF-4 8L3,620
A 1000SAE 50 API-CD 8L3,140

TOTAL Parco Lube Oil

RUBIA DCF/CD/SF 20W50 4L2,152
RUBIA DCF/CD/SF 20W50 10L5,356
QUARTZ 500010W40 1L788
QUARTZ 500010W40 3L2,152
QUARTZ 500010W40 4L2,861
QUARTZ 4000SM 20W50 3L1650
QUARTZ 4000SM 20W50 4L2200
QUARTZ 300020W50 1L620
QUARTZ 300020W50 3L1,711
QUARTZ 300020W50 4L2,273
QUARTZ CNG20W50 3L1,850
QUARTZ CNG20W50 4L2,400

These are the main lube oil compnies in Pakistan. The Lube Oil Prices 2022 taken from market can vary time to time.


  • Farooq Shaikh

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    TOTAL is a major player in LUB market. But no mention of this company.

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    required a new prince list 2018 of all oils/ lubricants

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    5 years ago / July 8, 2018 @ 1:35 pm

    I want to know about Millat Premium Gold Oil -15W40 which is recently launched the dealer is saying change it at 200 hours as it is very good and what is its price.

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    I am interested in DELO Silver Multigrade 20W-50 4L at reasonable price , plz reply below my comment, so I could contact you in future

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      Try BULL Lubricants
      Bull 4000 really good.

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      Love Pakistan

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    Original oil rubia d extension

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    I m interested in pso oil lubricant plz send me fresh price list of 2019.
    Muhammad Abid Tahir Brother Autos Bahawalpur

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    4 years ago / June 20, 2019 @ 12:43 pm

    How much capital required to start the business of lubricant Oil?

  • shamshad

    4 years ago / June 29, 2019 @ 10:36 pm

    DELO Silver Multigrade 20W-50 4L pls sent curent price qty 200ltr

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    4 years ago / July 17, 2019 @ 2:16 pm

    I want wholesale price and how can you delivered

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      i am intereste caltex oil I want wholesale price and how can you delivered.
      Zar Muhammad
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    Mere pass total rubia 15-40 ka drum hai agar kisis na purchase krna hu to 03000839098 contact kr skta

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    Place your orders Shell Rimula Heavy Duty Engine oils.
    Contact us for Shell Lubricants

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    hyundai xteer best oil koi market main do numbri nahi orignal grade 4 advance engine oil sab bekar hay isky agay

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    Pls send Delo 400 20w50 latest prices list 2020.

  • asif ali

    2 years ago / October 5, 2020 @ 7:25 am

    i wana purchase oil
    milat multigrande 4 ltr
    milat multigade 8 ltr
    rimula r1
    rimula r2
    deo 3000
    deo 8000

  • Annam

    2 years ago / October 12, 2020 @ 3:43 pm

    Asif Ali and others who wants lubricants in credit with same price… Contact us
    This is Annam from Perfect Lubes….. We are dealing in She’ll, totall, Caltex, PSO….

    • Mostafa aoto

      2 years ago / November 12, 2020 @ 6:39 pm

      Mojhy r2 2050 gp 2050 zic delo gold chahye shop k liye to kia koi rahnomai dy sakta hy rate final krky

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    Suitable disel eng oil for Nissan cd 17. Model. 1990. And price for 4 ltr

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    Do you have Maxron Lubricants latest price list?

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