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Latest Diesel Engine Lubricants / Lube Oil Prices of all Companies in Pakistan


Lube Oil is as necessary for engine as water for life. On this page you can find Lube Oil Prices of all Companies in Pakistan 2017. Industry of lubricants is growing day by day and lot of space is yet to be filled. Blending plants are already working to some extent in Pakistan. Industry has lot of scope in Pakistan.

Lube Oil Prices of all Companies in Pakistan

Top Lubricants/Lube Oil Companies in Pakistan:

Shell, PSO, CALTEX (chevron), SK, MILLAT and Honda Atlas are the top Oil and lubricants companies in Pakistan. they are providing different grade oil in different packing size.

Diesel Engine Lube Oil Prices in Pakistan:

ShellProductGradePack Size in LitersRetail Price
Rimula R1CD 504LPKR 1318.2
Rimula R1CD 5010LPKR 3295
Rimula R2 ExtraCF-4 20W-504LPKR 1728
Rimula R2 ExtraCF-4 20W-5010LPKR 4320
Rimula R4CF-4 15 W-404LPKR 1845
Rimula R4CF-4 15 W-4010LPKR 4600
PSODEO 3000SAE 504LPKR 1095
DEO 3000SAE 5010LPKR 2688
DEO 6000CF-4 /SG 20W-504LPKR 1377
DEO 6000CF-4 /SG 20W-5010LPKR 3442
DEO 8000SAE 15W-404LPKR 1581.88
DEO 8000SAE 15W-4010LPKR 3954.7
CALTEXDELO SilverCF   SAE 404LPKR 1419.56
DELO SilverCF-4  20W-504LPKR 1620.64
DELO Gold UltraCI   15W-404LPKR 1826.08
SKZIC X3000CF-4 20W-504LPKR 1120
ZIC X5000CF-4 15W-404LPKR 1160
MultigradeCF  20W-504LPKR 1047
Manual TransmissionSAE 4010LPKR 2828
Honda AtlasA 3000SAE 20W-50 API CF-48LPKR 3190
A 1000SAE 50 API-CD8LPKR 2590

The Lube Oil Prices are taken from market can vary time to time.


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  1. TOTAL is a major player in LUB market. But no mention of this company.

  2. required a new prince list 2018 of all oils/ lubricants

  3. Muhammad Ibrahim

    I want to know about Millat Premium Gold Oil -15W40 which is recently launched the dealer is saying change it at 200 hours as it is very good and what is its price.

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