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New Revised Tractor Prices 2018 Massey Ferguson Millat Tractors Pakistan


Millat Tractors Ltd Tractor Prices 2018. has increased its all MF model tractor prices. Millat Tractor is gaining market share of 60% in Pakistan’s tractor industry. Due to increase in its tractor demand, tractor is being delivered after 6 months period (MF 385 Tractor). MTL company revised its tractor prices on 22nd November 2017 by issuing a letter to its all main dealers.

New Revised Tractor Prices 2018 Massey Ferguson Millat Tractors

The current base prices of tractors were last fixed in May, 2016. Since then, there has been considerable increase in cost of tractor production on account of increase in taxes and prices of material, fuel, labour and other input costs.

Massey Ferguson New Revised Tractor Prices 2018:



Price in Pakistani Rupees

Price in US Dollars





MF-350 Plus
(Power Steering)








(Power Steering)












MF-385 4wd




Note: Prices updated on 21 May, 2018

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The above prices are applicable on all new bookings made against both Cash & Loan. However, in case of Institutional orders / Govt. tenders, the prices shall be applicable as per the terms of quotations already issued or terms of the tender. MF tractor are famous in sugarcane areas where tractors is used for haulage purpose. From the last year demand of 85 Horse Power tractor has been increased with notable figures. MF 385 tractor is always selling in black market with handsome premium amount, hence attracting the investors.

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There are rumors in the market that Al Ghazi Tractors Ltd makers of New Holland tractors are also going to increase their tractor prices too. AGTL is at 2nd number in the market after Millat tractors with MS f 40%. We will share those also when the company increase the prices.

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  1. Can I buy get 385 with general tyres and old diesel pump?
    What will be price with these equipments?

  2. Whether any income tax is included in the above new prices.

  3. dear admin aoa i booked tractor MF385 from jhang by jhang tractor house on 29.11.2017 my booking no is 595436 i have not received conformation
    letter from millit tractor. please inform me mujhy tractor kb milly ga. i shall be thankfull to you

  4. Dear admin I booked 385 tracter in 08-06-2017 and I not receaived when I well receave pleaze???? inform…

  5. سلام علیکم ۔جناب میسی 375 ٹریکٹر حاصل کرنے کا طریقہ کا کیا ہے ۔کون سے بنک میں پہلے کتنا اموونٹ جمع کرنا پڑہے۔اور ٹریکٹر کتنا مہینہ بعد ملے گاا

  6. Dear admins
    Please confirm new price of 260 which has been now revised
    And when will we receive after booking

  7. Aoa Dear Sir MF385 ki manufacturing start ho gai ha k nai or 2018 k is month ki delivery b ho rhi ha k nai hum nay 10 jan 2018 tk black purchase krna ha plz Ans me 03054278372

  8. Mf tractor 385 why do we need to pay for the delivery of the tractor how much is it admin let me know

  9. I belong to balochistan district harnai. what is the price of MF 385 4D with glass cap model 2018 reply me amirjanpanezai3@gmail.com

  10. Dear Admin

    What is the booking time period for MF 375.
    What is the price if I purchase it on black from dealer. (approx)

    Please reply thanks

  11. do you ship your tractors to Zimbabwe?

  12. Dear admin what is tha boking time period for mf 385 what is that price

  13. MF 385 is the best tractor and it is Number one in Pakistan You try The rest now try the best 385 MF Fiat tractor is no good It’s got no power

    • Admin I book messy 385 tractor in January 2018 and I want to know how long it will take to come booking number is 2042

  14. Sr mujhy 350,000 advance sy mf.260 chahiye
    Kitny tk ka mily ga and baki raqam hr 6 mah bad 4 iqsat m adaa kr donga. Plz help out me

  15. I am a Ugandan in Kampala and i would like to procure an MF 385 85HP 4WD together with a four disc plough and a trailer. Can you please send me a CIF quotation for this package to Kampala or Mombasa.


  16. I bought a new massey tractor 240 .They are informed me first amount added in the bank after received tractor or before .Kindly inform me

  17. Salam sir

    Kay Hall ha ap ka sir muja ya Batiha k Jo 240 tractor ha

    Osa ka Kay rate ha our muja ap apna mobile number bi

    Send Karen Thanks sir

  18. Do u.have new mf 290 from millant.if u have it how is it together with disc plough,disc harrow and planter .Pliz include shipping in us dollas

  19. Dear admin price of 385 tractor in showroom (cash)…?plz

  20. Can we get Massy 360 model 2018 in General tyres and what is the price.

  21. Can I have the list of your dealers in Lagos, Nigeria. Thank you

  22. Lawrence Malebeswa

    Good day, can you please give me the price for an MF 290 2WD 80 Hp tractor inclusive of shipment costs. Please exclude accesoties such plough

  23. Admin i booked 240 MF on 20/2/2018 booking no 605939 kindly inform me KB tak mill jy ga

  24. A.o.a dear admin can we get massy 260 in old diesal pump because revised could not perform well as old……old is gold

  25. Plz tel me what is different 260 old and new pump lz tel me i want tobuy but reason is pump

  26. Aoa
    Sir 240 installment
    Mein kitny Rs ka pad jae ga

  27. مجھے ایک عدد ٹریکٹر کیبن میسی فرگوسن 375 اے سی والا چاہیے

  28. How much will it cost me to purchase Mf 375 and delivery to Nigeria

  29. Why have you put up the prices on MF 385 admin

  30. Aslamo alykom I’m shakeel from Gujarat Pakistan
    Can help for me hows defrant massy 2017 or 2016 or down model for pumps
    My WhatsApp number .00968 99547568

  31. Sir I want to booking MF385
    And also I want to know latest price of MF385

  32. I booked two tractor in 1st week of Jan…its now more thn 6 months..how long it take more pls comment..
    I heard it take only 4 to 6 months… pls comfirm… thanks…

    • Millat is taking 8 months for delivery of MF385.

      • سر میں نے میسی ٹریکٹر 385مورخہ 3/1/2018کو بک کروایا ھے ۔598552بکیں نمبر ھے ۔کب تک مل جائے گا۔مہربانی ھو گی اگر کچھ پتہ چل جائے ۔شکریہ

  33. I need prices of tractor since 2017 to make some analysis. Will be thankful to you for this favor.

  34. Kabelo A. Gaorutwe


    Prices for 3 discs plough, planter plus freight, i may go for MF-375 75hp tractor. Tell me about shipment duration to Botswana.

    thank you

  35. sir ap muje 385 normal ki new price or iski booking ka trikha bath dy or kitny mahiny may nikly ga dalfi ka pump lagha howa mil jye ga ish my

  36. Hello,

    I just want to ask if its possible for me to import a MF385 TRACTOR to Zimbabwe? How much will be the total cost?

  37. Sir 260 ki new price kia ha ar ye old disel pump ma aa rhy hain ya new pump ma

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