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IMT Tractors all Model Prices Made in Pakistan Bull Power Tractor


IMT Tractors is the 3rd market leader in Pakistan following Massey Ferguson and New Holland Tractors. IMT tractor is made in Pakistan and owned by Orient Group of Pakistan. Their tractors give look of Millat tractors in shape or design. Prices of each model is shared on this page. Average monthly sale of IMT tractors is around 50 to 60 units.

IMT Tractors Model / HP Wise Prices 2017:

IMT has launched only three models in Pakistan, HP wise detail with prices for year 2017 is given below. All models are 2 Wheel drive power (2WD).


Horse Power

Price in Pakistani Rupees

Price in USD


50 HP




60 HP




76 HP



Note: Check New Tractor Prices 2018

Note: these are invoice / ex- factory booking prices.

Dealership network is spread all over the Pakistan, tractors are booked from dealerships. Government of Sindh gave subsidy of Rs. 200,000 on each model of IMT. This Sindh scheme boosted the sale and tractors went all around the field of Pakistan.

IMT Tractors Reviews:

People / Farmers are also saying it is the copy of Millat Tractors, their review about quality and performance is normal. Customers prefer other brand tractors (Millat or Fiat) over IMT, If they buy on cash. Although its prices are low than others customers hesitate to buy it.

Comparison with other Brands:

Model wise Comparison with Massey Ferguson and New Holland Tractors in given below.

IMT ModelsNew Holland (Al Ghazi Tractors)Massey Ferguson (Millat Tractors)
IMT-549NH 480 (55 HP)MF 240 (50 HP)
IMT-565NH Ghazi  (65 HP)MF 260 (60 HP)
IMT-577NH 640 (75 & 85 HP)MF 375 (75 HP)
NH DabungMF 385 (85 HP)

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IMT Tractors Models List:

IMT-549 Tractor Picture:

IMT Tractors 549 Price in Pakistan

IMT-565 Tractor Picture:

IMT Tractors 565 Price

IMT-577 Tractor Picture:

IMT 577 Tractor Price in Pakistan

IMT Tractors Company gives warranty of spare parts for 1 year or 1200 running hours which come first. Claim of any part is processed through authorized mechanic and dealership. To watch tractor videos click here.



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